Seriously, how awesome are mobile casino games

By | June 17, 2014

I have to admit: I’m a real geek when it comes to gaming stuff. I used to play a lot of Counter Strike back in the days until I reached a point where I thought it was enough. I started to do more sports, read books and finally start to study. Anyways, there are plenty of new games like Warcraft, Battlefield, Call of Duty and so on but I don’t really care. What I do care about is mobile casino games! I had no idea that this is working so smoothly. I heard about it before but never got interested. One day I was really bored, sitting on a bench waiting for the next train arriving in 2 hours. At least my Internet connection was pretty good and my iPhone fully loaded. So I was browsing through the web and came across that 888 casino. It seems to be one of the largest casinos and I thought it was pretty reliable. So I was wondering how their app looks like and it was really awesome. Not the app alone but the whole gaming experience.

I was so busy the next two hours playing all kinds of games that I almost forgot about the train I was waiting for. I saw it arriving accidentely when I was looking to the sky thanking God for the small win on one slot machine. It was pretty funny. Only 25 EUR but I was only playing penny slots with 0.05 each. So that was a pretty good win.

When I was at home I was thinking: is it really that awesome and do I have to play more often from now on? I was browsing the web and searching for sites about mobile gambling only like this one. I found out that there are many differences between all the devices. Actually I don’t care as I found a great casino with my iPhone. But there are also a lot of differences for certain games. Roulette is not the same on all casinos.

However, I was surprised about the new technologies in this area and never expected mobile casinos to be that good. I was playing with my iPhone 5s so I’m a bit spoiled. The gaming experience won’t be that good with an old iPhone or other smartphones though. Just in case…