How good or bad is the new iOS7

By | October 14, 2013

As I write this, I really do believe that I should come clean. I detest Apple. Now, for all of you Apple fans out there, it should be made clear that I don’t dislike their products, or for that matter any of their concepts.

However, I do find their overnight monopolisation and iron strength grip on the market not only unfair to other, smaller companies abhorrent, but I also find that after the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, the company has never quite shaken off his views of how Apple should run, and hasn’t really adopted any new views.

Now, that said, Apple does get it right in terms of its products, thanks in no small part to the exclusivity of their hardware. Now although you’ll find that their iOS and even OSX is amongst the most stable on the market, with virtually no holes in regards to its security, it does come with one major drawback.

When you upgrade your operating system, you’ll probably have noticed that every device is updated at the same time. So your device, your friends devices, next door but ones device and so on. This is made possible, unlike with a Windows phone or an Android, because the strict parameters in which the devices are made, and the software is designed to be compatible across the board.
For example, were you to take yours and your friends identical phones apart (for this example I’ll use the iPhone 5s), everything would be seemingly identical. From the retina display to the hard drive (I’m pretty sure, but don’t quote me on it, is Seagate).
Now the phones may appear identical, and the hardware may seem identical, but there is no such thing as a truly identical ‘carbon copy’ due to the simple fact they are made by humans, and humans aren’t machines, so there will always be some form of variance.

Now that I’ve bored you with the whole human nature element of the iPhone/iPad hard drive, I’ll get to the point, and that is no 2 pieces of hardware are identical, and as such, iOS 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 will all react differently on different devices.

This is where the drawback mentioned above comes in. You see, although Apple does rigorously test all of its software, in comparison to the number of iPhones and iPads that are actually out there, the number of devices it physically tests on is merely a drop in the ocean. This means that when you actually download the new OS within minutes of it being launched, you are in theory the BETA tester.
For the most part, you’ll be lucky and the upgrade runs as it should, however, others won’t be, and they will need to either roll back to an older version of iOS, of they’ll have to perceiver until an update is launched. Cast your minds back to the Apple Maps fiasco, some users had issues, others didn’t. This is because although the hardware is the same, it isn’t identical.
So if you are considering updating iOS within minutes of its launch, be aware that sometimes, latest and greatest isn’t always safest.
Now, down to the features, there are a few added extras in the new iOS 7, and although not essential, they are pretty damn cool! The design has been overhauled in a way which is familiar to the diehard fans, yet still new, refreshing and fresh.

There is also a new multitasking feature (it’s only a few years behind Android!), which allocates RAM automatically, to make your device even more powerful by allowing you to run multiple apps simultaneously without clogging the data processes up. They added a few new animations as well, however, some users have been stating that they begin to feel a little queasy, and although the claims have been confirmed by motion sicken experts, and there is currently little you can do.
However, if you do upgrade and discover that you are feeling ill after using your device, you can alter the animations by entering Settings>Accessibility>Reduce Motion.
Siri has also been reincarnated, and is now more responsive than ever. It answers back in a whole new dynamic way, and if you really wanted to, you can train it to hurl insults! A must have party trick when you’re in a mischievous mood!

On the whole, I do believe the iOS 7 is a decent upgrade, and one well worth having, however, if you have ever had issues with previous upgrades, whether that’s to the OS itself, or downloading a whole new OS, may I recommend that you give it some time, as all new software does come with teething problems, and if your device happens to be one of those teeth, you may end up slightly disappointed.