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Android and casino action – quo vadis?

To be perfectly honest, I have not been a big fan of Android in the beginning. I had to agree with Steve Jobs who said that it’s a stolen product and it’s very poor. But I have to admit that Android was developing great during the last two or three years and became the market leader by a couple of miles. There’s no way that iOS, Windows Phone or anybody else will take Android over again. I mean, look at that:

All I can say is lol. Windows Phone is investing heavily in their own devices, in advertising and so on and still won’t have the slightest chance against Android. Ok, I don’t like Microsoft very much but this just shows you why I don’t like them. Investing a lot of money in new businesses (look at their “iPod competitor” or their search engines…) and think they can succeed but they will always fail. They should focus on their Windows and Office as these are the only products that were real successes.

Anyways, when we talk about Android there’s no doubt that, when it comes to Apps, Android is also the market leader. It’s highly unlikely that there are apps you will be missing on Android (if you are not using some Android device from 2010). Same is true for mobile casino games which is a great hobby of mine. Here you can read why I love them so much! I always play on the go and I’m mostly switching between my iPhone and Android tablet. This is perfect for casino games and I can play anywhere I want. Ok, the casino needs to offer an Android app but as I said it’s highly unlikely not to do so. I could tell you much more about the details but I leave this to sites that really focus on Android casino games. What I am asking and what is more interesting to me is what Android is going to do with this growing market. Google often announced that it intends to head into the gaming niche. To me, it’s not a niche as revenues are quite high. Same is true for Facebook. What I think Google will do some time is establishing their own casino brand like Google Games or anything like that. Letting users easily install a casino app where they can play for real money. That would be an awesome move making 99% of all existing online casinos redundant!

Seriously, how awesome are mobile casino games

I have to admit: I’m a real geek when it comes to gaming stuff. I used to play a lot of Counter Strike back in the days until I reached a point where I thought it was enough. I started to do more sports, read books and finally start to study. Anyways, there are plenty of new games like Warcraft, Battlefield, Call of Duty and so on but I don’t really care. What I do care about is mobile casino games! I had no idea that this is working so smoothly. I heard about it before but never got interested. One day I was really bored, sitting on a bench waiting for the next train arriving in 2 hours. At least my Internet connection was pretty good and my iPhone fully loaded. So I was browsing through the web and came across that 888 casino. It seems to be one of the largest casinos and I thought it was pretty reliable. So I was wondering how their app looks like and it was really awesome. Not the app alone but the whole gaming experience.

I was so busy the next two hours playing all kinds of games that I almost forgot about the train I was waiting for. I saw it arriving accidentely when I was looking to the sky thanking God for the small win on one slot machine. It was pretty funny. Only 25 EUR but I was only playing penny slots with 0.05 each. So that was a pretty good win.

When I was at home I was thinking: is it really that awesome and do I have to play more often from now on? I was browsing the web and searching for sites about mobile gambling only like this one. I found out that there are many differences between all the devices. Actually I don’t care as I found a great casino with my iPhone. But there are also a lot of differences for certain games. Roulette is not the same on all casinos.

However, I was surprised about the new technologies in this area and never expected mobile casinos to be that good. I was playing with my iPhone 5s so I’m a bit spoiled. The gaming experience won’t be that good with an old iPhone or other smartphones though. Just in case…

Microgaming adds Two New Android Slot casino games

football star android slot gameMicrogaming adds new slot games to its gaming catalogue for Android mobiel devices titled – Football Star and Cool Wolf. The slot games are packed with great gaming features offering the wilds, rolling reels and free spins.

Football Star is a new slot game based on a theme of football set to thrill all football fanatics and has just been launched prior to the 2014 Football World Cup. This slot game is a 5 reel with 243 payways that comes with superb gaming features that includes the stacked wilds, rolling reels, and free spins. During the free games features, you can win a multiplier of up to 10x on your total bet giving players an opportunity to trigger bigger wins.

In the game, you would have to reach the goals as close as possible so as to get bigger wins. You can be given a penalty shootout by reaching closer to the goals and the striking wild feature is represented by the animated striker symbol that will take the penalty shoot. By scoring a goal, all reels become wild thereby giving you greater chances of triggering more wins. Football Star is available on all platforms as casino games such as Android,  PC, Flash and Mobile.

Cool Wolf is a slot game based on a theme of the underworld of a teenager who turns into a howling wolf. The game delivers cool graphics offering 5 reels and 243 payways. The features available in this game include the multipliers, free spins, stacked wilds, wilds, rolling reels, and the Howling Bonus feature game.

Max Stern, the spokesperson and casino manager said:

“The new slot games are a great addition to the array of games offered by Microgaming’s variety of entertainment. Irrespective of what type of game you are looking for, we have got it for you!”


How to Download a iPhone or Android Casino App

To ensure you can quickly and seamlessly play casino games on a iPhone or Android device the way in which you can access games on an iPhone or Android device has been made as easy as is possible and as such we wish to present to you the following guide to downloading an iPhone or Android casino App.
Choosing a Casino – We strongly recommend that you opt to play only at mobile and Tablet casino sites that are listed throughout our website, for each of them have certified fair casino games and each one listed is fully licensed and regulated and as such you will never experience any kind of problems playing at any of them.
Downloading the App – When it comes to actually downloading the app, you want to make sure you have a couple of things checked out. Firstly, make sure that the site you’re downloading from is secure.
You can do this on your computer, or on the Tablets web browser. Simply look at the navigation bar (the bit you enter a web address in) and if it has HTTPS:// at the beginning, you’re at a securely encrypted page. If it doesn’t however, make sure your tablets on board or third party internet security is on and updated, you don’t want to be exposed to any nasties after all!
Most sites will automatically download the Apple/Android/Windows variant for you, however, if you have to choose, make sure you pick the right one. Although it won’t do your device any harm downloading the wrong version, it is a bit of a pain having to download it again!
When the file is downloaded, all you have to do is launch the installer and the app will unpack and install onto your device.
You will only be installing the shell of the casino however, hence it being so quick to complete, however, we have covered this in greater detail below.
We have only one word of warning about using your Tablet device to play casino games online, and that is ensure that your tablet is password protected, for if your device is lost or stolen, or if there are little fingers with access to the device, you don’t want your casino account to be used!
Registering a New Account – You will not have any problems registering as a new player for the entire sign up process has been made as simple as possible. Once you have downloadable and installed the App simply tap on it to launch it and the first time you access this Tablet App you will be prompted to complete the registration form.
You need to ensure that the details you supply on this form are valid and true for should you play for real money and deposit, play, win and make a withdrawal it will be used to verify your identity and any omissions or incorrect entries will raise a red flag with the casino and may hold up your winnings being sent back to you, or could result in your account being closed!
Once you have completed the registration process you will then be able to log into the Tablet casino with the username and password supplied, you are then able to play the games for free or go on to make a deposit and start playing for real money.
Funding your Account – There are plenty of different ways that you can get your money transferred into your Tablet casino account, and to help you understand how to do this and to give you a choice of various deposit options we have compiled an iPhone or Android Casino Banking Options guide, take a look through this banking options guide for there are more ways of moving funds into and out of an iPhone or Android casino account that you may have realised!
Claiming a Bonus – If you have never played at the casino you have just joined up to before then you may qualify for a new player sign up bonus. Some casinos will offer you a no deposit bonus and this is usually sat waiting in your casino account when you first log into the casino, and as such it is available to be used straight away.
You may also have a deposit type bonus available to you and this bonus is going to be credited to your account instantly once you have made your first qualifying deposit, this is usually credited automatically and as such you do not need to claim it through the customer support team or by filling in an online claim form.
If you are new to the mobile gaming environment then we would suggest you take a look through our Guide to Tablet Casino Bonuses for that will help you get a deeper understanding of the types of bonuses on offer.
Selecting a Game to Play – It is just the shell of the Tablet casino that will initially download onto your device once you download the App which means it takes just a couple of minutes to download, and as such once you have signed up and registered then you can opt to download the exact type of casino game you want to play without having to download them all.
This ensures that you will not have to clog up your Tablet with lots of games you never want to play and will have plenty of storage space remaining for other Apps!
There are of course lots of different tablet compatible casino games you will then be able to access including Card and Table Games, Progressive Games, and a massive suite of Slot Games, Video Poker Games and several unique Novelty Games.
Click on any of the game groupings listed above for an overview of the currently available games in that category, we think you will be impressed by just how many of them are available to Tablet device users, and you will get more than your fair share of winning opportunities when playing any of them!
Withdrawing Your Winnings – To make a withdrawal of any winnings you have accumulated then simply tap onto the Cashier or Banking tab and then select the withdrawal option. Simply fill in the amount of money you wish to withdraw and the method in which you wish to receive those winnings and they will then be sent off to be processed and the value of your withdrawal will be removed from your account.
Be aware that if this is your first withdrawal from the Tablet casino at which you are playing then the casinos accounting team may request some for of identification documents from you, this is to verify that you are the legal age to gamble and you are who you say you are!
This verification process is quick and hassle free and can usually be completed within minutes of your furnishing the Tablet casino with you r identification documents, which may be a copy of a utility bill a copy of your passport or a comp of your driving license.

How good or bad is the new iOS7

As I write this, I really do believe that I should come clean. I detest Apple. Now, for all of you Apple fans out there, it should be made clear that I don’t dislike their products, or for that matter any of their concepts.

However, I do find their overnight monopolisation and iron strength grip on the market not only unfair to other, smaller companies abhorrent, but I also find that after the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs, the company has never quite shaken off his views of how Apple should run, and hasn’t really adopted any new views.

Now, that said, Apple does get it right in terms of its products, thanks in no small part to the exclusivity of their hardware. Now although you’ll find that their iOS and even OSX is amongst the most stable on the market, with virtually no holes in regards to its security, it does come with one major drawback.

When you upgrade your operating system, you’ll probably have noticed that every device is updated at the same time. So your device, your friends devices, next door but ones device and so on. This is made possible, unlike with a Windows phone or an Android, because the strict parameters in which the devices are made, and the software is designed to be compatible across the board.
For example, were you to take yours and your friends identical phones apart (for this example I’ll use the iPhone 5s), everything would be seemingly identical. From the retina display to the hard drive (I’m pretty sure, but don’t quote me on it, is Seagate).
Now the phones may appear identical, and the hardware may seem identical, but there is no such thing as a truly identical ‘carbon copy’ due to the simple fact they are made by humans, and humans aren’t machines, so there will always be some form of variance.

Now that I’ve bored you with the whole human nature element of the iPhone/iPad hard drive, I’ll get to the point, and that is no 2 pieces of hardware are identical, and as such, iOS 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 will all react differently on different devices.

This is where the drawback mentioned above comes in. You see, although Apple does rigorously test all of its software, in comparison to the number of iPhones and iPads that are actually out there, the number of devices it physically tests on is merely a drop in the ocean. This means that when you actually download the new OS within minutes of it being launched, you are in theory the BETA tester.
For the most part, you’ll be lucky and the upgrade runs as it should, however, others won’t be, and they will need to either roll back to an older version of iOS, of they’ll have to perceiver until an update is launched. Cast your minds back to the Apple Maps fiasco, some users had issues, others didn’t. This is because although the hardware is the same, it isn’t identical.
So if you are considering updating iOS within minutes of its launch, be aware that sometimes, latest and greatest isn’t always safest.
Now, down to the features, there are a few added extras in the new iOS 7, and although not essential, they are pretty damn cool! The design has been overhauled in a way which is familiar to the diehard fans, yet still new, refreshing and fresh.

There is also a new multitasking feature (it’s only a few years behind Android!), which allocates RAM automatically, to make your device even more powerful by allowing you to run multiple apps simultaneously without clogging the data processes up. They added a few new animations as well, however, some users have been stating that they begin to feel a little queasy, and although the claims have been confirmed by motion sicken experts, and there is currently little you can do.
However, if you do upgrade and discover that you are feeling ill after using your device, you can alter the animations by entering Settings>Accessibility>Reduce Motion.
Siri has also been reincarnated, and is now more responsive than ever. It answers back in a whole new dynamic way, and if you really wanted to, you can train it to hurl insults! A must have party trick when you’re in a mischievous mood!

On the whole, I do believe the iOS 7 is a decent upgrade, and one well worth having, however, if you have ever had issues with previous upgrades, whether that’s to the OS itself, or downloading a whole new OS, may I recommend that you give it some time, as all new software does come with teething problems, and if your device happens to be one of those teeth, you may end up slightly disappointed.

Guide to iPhone and Android Casino Bonuses

You may be looking for extra reasons to play at any iPhone or Android casino site, and one way in which the operators and owners of such sites will reward you for becoming a new customer of their respective site is by giving you access to a welcome bonus when you first sign up as a new real money customer.
Not only are you going to be offered a huge array of different iPhone or Android casino bonuses as a new customer, as many such sites also offer continuous and ongoing bonuses to all of their loyal and regular customers.

With this in mind we have chosen to put together our definitive and informative guide to iPhone or Android casino bonuses, and below you will find each of the many different types of bonus offers that will become available to you, when you make the wise decision of using your iPhone or Android device to play at any of our featured sites.

No Deposit iPhone and Android Casino Bonuses

You will find a nice surprise when you first log into some iPhone and Android casinos for the very first time, for many such sites will have a free bonus sat waiting for you. However, these casinos would soon go bankrupt if they did not impose some form of rules regarding the use of such bonuses and as such you always have to be aware of them before starting to play with any no deposit bonus.
What you are going to find is that a no deposit bonus will come with a play through requirement attached to them. This simply means that before you can get access to the funds in your account you need to play the bonus through x number of times.

If you have been given, for example a 5.00 no deposit required bonus, and the terms and conditions state that you need to play through the bonus 20 times, then you need to play a total of 100.00 worth of credits on the permitted games before you can withdraw your winnings and/or account balance.
So when you are playing off a no deposit bonus you will be hoping to get lots of winning spins on the slot games or roulette games or you will be hoping to have lots of winning hands dealt out to you on the card games or video poker games to enable you to meet those play through requirements!
Also some iPhone and Android casinos have started to impose a maximum cash out rule in regards to any no deposit bonus awarded, so always have a read through the rules of any no deposit bonus and make a note on any maximum cash out rules and once the play through requirement has been met and your account
balance is cashable then make a withdrawal!

For it will be pointless you continuing to play in the hope of building up a larger bankroll and casino account balance if you are subject to such a maximum cash out rule! You are only ever permitted to claim one no deposit new player bonus at any one single iPhone and Android casino you join up to.
One final point to make in regards to no deposit bonuses, never try and cheat the system by opening up lots of new accounts at the iPhone and Android casino, for they have system and checks in place which will enable them to spot you are trying to bilk the free bonuses and they will declare null and void any withdrawal you try to make having opened up more than one account!

Deposit iPhone and Android Casino Bonuses

The most generous of iPhone and Android casino bonuses are reserved for those players who are prepared to put their own money at risk, for unlike the above free bonuses when you make use of a deposit bonus you will need to make a qualifying deposit to secure the additional bonus that has been offered to you.
There are some excellent deposit bonuses currently on offer to new players, and these really will offer you true value, for you will find many iPhone and Android casinos offering a deposit bonus that will see you picking up a 100% bonus or more when you make an initial deposit into your selected casino account.
The only thing to keep in mind when using such a bonus is that the casino, in exchange for giving you a deposit bonus, will want a fair chance of winning your money off you, and as such they will attached to such bonuses a set of rules and terms and conditions which you have to adhere too when using any deposit bonus.

Always read through those rules for they may require you to play through your deposit and/or the bonus awarded a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings. Shopping around from iPhone and Android casino to iPhone and Android casino will allow you to see which are the most generous of deposit bonuses and those offering you the best chances of ending your session with a withdrawal amount of cash!

Loyalty Bonuses

iPhone and Android casinos will also have what is known as a loyalty type scheme or as they are more commonly known a Comp Club. When you opt to play as sites offering such clubs and schemes then each and every real money game you play and wager on, win or lose, earns you a set of points.
These points can then be exchanged for free bonus credits as and when you have accumulated enough of them to redeem them.

The value of the comp and loyalty points you amass is going to vary from site to site, so anyone wanting the maximum playing value and access to additional casino chips and credits should shop around to see what is on offer by any casino loyalty scheme and comp club.
One other thing to keep in mind with such bonuses awarded from a loyalty and comp club is that often they are awarded and credited to your account as real cash so you can immediately withdraw those funds, however some iPhone and Android casinos will require you to complete a play through requirement before you can withdraw such funds and any additional winnings made with those comped bonus credits!

Welcome to TXTMOB

Welcome to the TXMOB website, we have put this site together to introduce you to the many different ways you can utilize your mobile phones to access a wide range of casino games and we also take a look at some of the Most Popular Android Apps.

We also answer questions such as just How Good or Bad is the New iOS7? We also will let you answer the question Is the iPhone 5S Really Better than its predecessors.

Thanks to the unique design of Mobile devices they really do offer a very unique way of playing a huge collection of casino games either from the comfort of your own home, or when you are out and about.
If you have recently taken delivery of an iPhone or Android device and wish to give some mobile casino games a try then we have compiled a definitive guide to playing casino games on an iPhone or Android device. We have dedicated a section of our website to this brand new way of playing your favourite casino games in this fashion and invite you to read through and checkout this guide below.
Should you be uncertain of any aspect of using an iPhone or Android device to access casino games simply follow the respective links below and we will give you a step by step guide on that aspect of Mobile gaming, and as such you will soon discover just how easy it is to play casino games anywhere!

iPhone and Android Casino Apps

Probably the easiest way for you to access and play casino games on an iPhone or Android device is for you to utilize the downloadable casino Apps that many casinos now have available, this is a relatively straight forward procedure and will see you having access to a large and growing number of games.
As you may have only just purchased or been given your Mobile device you may be unsure how Mobile Apps work and operate and if so and you would like to start playing casino games on your Mobile device via an App then simply visit our section of the website that is dedicated to showing you How to Download an iPhone or Android Casino App.

Mobile Web Browser Casino Games

There is a second way that you can access a huge number of casino games which can be played on your Mobile device, and this is by simply using the web browser on your device. You simply need to visit one of our featured casinos mobile websites, sign up and then select any of the games displayed on the screen once you have logged into the Mobile compatible casino.

By playing casino games this way you will not have to download any casino software onto your Mobile device and as such will be able to play the games instantly without having to wait whilst each one downloads, installs and then becomes ready to play.

Mobile Casino Banking Options

There are going to be plenty of ways that you can transfer funds into and out of your casino account when using an iPhone or Android device to access the casino, some of these ways are identical to the ways you fund your casino account at an online casinos, however there are a few ways which are unique to Mobile gaming.

You can deposit and fund a Mobile casino account using all major debit and credit cards and when using any such card to fund you casino account all deposits are processed and added to you account in real time, you will also be able to withdraw winnings back to a debit card or a Visa credit card, however this is not always possible when using a MasterCard.

Web wallets such as PayPal, Neteller and Skill can also be used to fund and withdraw winnings to and from a Mobile casino account plus you can also use a pre paid type voucher such as PaySafeCard and Ukash for making deposits.

For more information on the many different types of banking options available then get on over to our Mobile Casino Banking Options section of the website where we have listed every single available option which will help you select one that is convenient to yourself.

iPhone and Android Casino Bonuses

The number of casino bonuses that you will find on offer if you choose to sign up and start to play at any of the Mobile casinos that can now be accessed on your device is quite large, and as such we have a Guide to iPhone and Android Casino Bonuses that will help you get a much better understanding of each bonus offered to you.

We should point out that all Mobile casino bonuses will come with a comprehensive set of terms and conditions which anyone utilizing such as bonus is expected to adhere to, and as such whenever you are tempted into taking such a bonus we suggest you always spend time reading the terms and conditions to ensure you adhere to them and never get any winnings voided!

Types of Mobile Casino Games Available

As there are so many Mobile compatible casino games now available we have chosen to review all of them by their game categories, and as such if you do wish to start playing casino games on any Mobile device then simply follow the links of the game grouping listed below to be presented with an in-depth overview of each currently available casino game.

iPhone and Android Slot Games – Whatever slot game you like to play you will find more than enough of them to get stuck into and play at a Mobile casino. With 3 reel slots, 5 reel video slots and lots of slots that offer bonus feature rounds such as free spins and picking games, you will have hours of fun playing Mobile slot games.

iPhone and Android Card and Table Games – You will not have to put up with high house edge games when you are playing at our top rated Mobile casino sites, for you will have instant access to high paying, low house edge games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.
You will find plenty of different stake levels and table limits and as such even if you opt to play Mobile casino games for very modest stakes you will have lots of these types of games readily available to you.

iPhone and Android Video Poker Games – Some of the highest paying online Video Poker games have now been made fully compatible with Mobile casino sites which mean you are going to be able to access and play plenty of Video Poker games boasting high payout percentages and generous pay tables when playing on your Mobile device.

Unique iPhone and Android Casino Games – You will find bingo and scratchcards games are on offer at our featured Mobile casino sites, and these games are always going to offer you plenty of ways to win when you fancy a change from the more standard types of casino games.

Progressive iPhone and Android Games – The progressive games available at all of our Mobile casino sites are linked into the online casino networks and this means the jackpots on offer at identical to those found in the online casino sites using the same software provider.

This guarantees that the progressive jackpots will grow in value quite quickly but more importantly they are regularly won, you have therefore got just as much chance of winning a progressive jackpot when accessing a Mobile casino as you do when playing at an online casino!