Android and casino action – quo vadis?

By | July 2, 2014

To be perfectly honest, I have not been a big fan of Android in the beginning. I had to agree with Steve Jobs who said that it’s a stolen product and it’s very poor. But I have to admit that Android was developing great during the last two or three years and became the market leader by a couple of miles. There’s no way that iOS, Windows Phone or anybody else will take Android over again. I mean, look at that:

All I can say is lol. Windows Phone is investing heavily in their own devices, in advertising and so on and still won’t have the slightest chance against Android. Ok, I don’t like Microsoft very much but this just shows you why I don’t like them. Investing a lot of money in new businesses (look at their “iPod competitor” or their search engines…) and think they can succeed but they will always fail. They should focus on their Windows and Office as these are the only products that were real successes.

Anyways, when we talk about Android there’s no doubt that, when it comes to Apps, Android is also the market leader. It’s highly unlikely that there are apps you will be missing on Android (if you are not using some Android device from 2010). Same is true for mobile casino games which is a great hobby of mine. Here you can read why I love them so much! I always play on the go and I’m mostly switching between my iPhone and Android tablet. This is perfect for casino games and I can play anywhere I want. Ok, the casino needs to offer an Android app but as I said it’s highly unlikely not to do so. I could tell you much more about the details but I leave this to sites that really focus on Android casino games. What I am asking and what is more interesting to me is what Android is going to do with this growing market. Google often announced that it intends to head into the gaming niche. To me, it’s not a niche as revenues are quite high. Same is true for Facebook. What I think Google will do some time is establishing their own casino brand like Google Games or anything like that. Letting users easily install a casino app where they can play for real money. That would be an awesome move making 99% of all existing online casinos redundant!