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Welcome to TXTMOB

Welcome to the TXMOB website, we have put this site together to introduce you to the many different ways you can utilize your mobile phones to access a wide range of casino games and we also take a look at some of the Most Popular Android Apps. We also answer questions such as just How […]

How to Download a iPhone or Android Casino App

To ensure you can quickly and seamlessly play casino games on a iPhone or Android device the way in which you can access games on an iPhone or Android device has been made as easy as is possible and as such we wish to present to you the following guide to downloading an iPhone or […]

How good or bad is the new iOS7

As I write this, I really do believe that I should come clean. I detest Apple. Now, for all of you Apple fans out there, it should be made clear that I don’t dislike their products, or for that matter any of their concepts. However, I do find their overnight monopolisation and iron strength grip […]

Guide to iPhone and Android Casino Bonuses

You may be looking for extra reasons to play at any iPhone or Android casino site, and one way in which the operators and owners of such sites will reward you for becoming a new customer of their respective site is by giving you access to a welcome bonus when you first sign up as […]